I found Luckies Spandex(LBWear) on a google search. I talked to Annie, She was so very nice on the phone. I ordered a customized black & white striped Spandex to fit over my wetsuit. Black and White stripes have been proven in hundreds of studies to deter sharks since they resemble the Pilot Fish, Lion Fish and Sea Snake. Great White Sharks and over sharks do not eat these fish because they are full of poison. I encourage other Surfers to do the same. The Spandex fit perfectly over my wetsuit and she did it in less than a week! I am so impressed! The awesome thing about it is that she sent it Priority Mail and I got it in 3 days. I like to get my stuff quickly in the mail and not wait. I recommend my Spandex to all Surfers out there who want to stay safe in the water and avoid sharks! Annie your work is amazing! Thank you!

–Ken Costanza – Character Actor

Getting uniforms for a sports team is one of the greatest challenges in youth sports. The process can make or break your team. Finding LB Wear/ Luckie Spandex has been one of the greatest assets to our organization. Our team was in need of custom created uniforms at a good price that looked good with a high level of quality and a quick production turn-around. LB Wear/ Luckie Spandex made the impossible happen and has continued to do so over and over again. Tight dead-lines, no problem… Specific material, no problem… Precise color, no problem… Custom design, no problem… Made in America, YES…

From creation to production, LB Wear/ Luckie Spandex has been our go-to company for performance uniforms and accessories. We feel like we have our own personal sports fashion design company that we work with. Our athletes and parents love the look and feel of our uniforms. Many other teams have asked us where we get our uniforms and accessories from over the last couple of years. We are truly proud to tell them Luckie Spandex…

–Jesse Shelton

I have been working with Annie and Luckie Spandex(LBWear) for almost a year now and I have never been more satisfied and impressed with a company in my life. Their products are amazing, her responsiveness and quickness is impeccable. She gets her orders in and out so fast and I order A LOT from her at once and she always gets everything to me in such an impressive timely manner. I get so excited when I get packages from her in the mail because I KNOW everything will be perfect. I am so happy I found her and this company.

–Lauren Thompson

I am so glad I found your site,,, I have purchased four of your youth singlets for my eight-year-old grandson who has Autism. This is a wonderful way to keep him from reaching his pull-ups and smear as many autistic children will do. And just in time for your Autism Awareness promotion.

I just want to say many THANKS  for your Quality products.  I ordered many items in the past but this last time I designed my own shorts and I could not believe when they were in the mail the next day…………….WOW…  Thanks  Thanks  Thanks……  Customer service is like no other that I have ever experienced.  Fantastic QUALITY of your products…………… and then I got a rebate back… because I joined your mail list.  You can be sure whenever I need something in the line of spandex I am always going to come back to LuckieSpandex(LBWear)….  Thanks again  Keep up the Great work. I do enjoy giving my business to the small business people.

–Mark Barron

If you are a tall woman looking for yoga pants, Luckie Spandex(LBWear) is the place to go! My daughter has a 38” inseam, and finding yoga pants long enough was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Luckie Spandex was a great find!! Every item is custom made. You can specify your inseam to accommodate any length. If you have any questions, the customer service at Luckie Spandex(LBWear) is great! They will ensure that you are happy with your order. You won’t be disappointed!

Thank you so much for your customer service! Accidents happen, and your willingness to make it right made all the difference! The last time I ordered gym shorts from you, I said I wouldn’t get them anywhere else again. And after this time, that still stands! I’ll be back! Thanks again!

Last year, in May, I broke my leg. Broken Femur and shattered knee. I had an amazing surgeon and I am doing great and believe it or not thanks at least somewhat to you. For a great deal of time I was laid up in bed but couldn’t let that go on. I found wearing these tights I could hold ice packs around my knee with no problem. A big help. I have recovered about 90% and now its up to me to exercise and rebuild muscle strength. Back to YOUR contribution. The tights are absolutely the most comfortable pants I can wear In Addition they have an amazing ability to support my leg as I attempt to do the exercise I need to do. Any other pants I wear I can still feel a bit of pain. Sadly tights are not acceptable daily “public” wear for men. You women are lucky. Well, at home, my wife doesn’t mind at all and is just happy to see me getting stronger again.  So a special thanks to you Annie for making these as well as making them affordable.

So again, I wish you a super new year and continued success.

-Hal Rattray

About Us

Who is behind LB Wear?

Annie Vandendriessche, Owner
LBWear by A. V. Creations, LLC

“With my mother’s guidance, I developed a love for sewing by designing doll clothes as a child. I dreamed of one day designing and manufacturing my own line of clothing. Now my dream is finally a reality! My hope is to offer the same opportunity to anyone who wants to learn and grow in this industry.  I pride myself in creating comfortable, affordable clothing of great quality. Offering a wide variety of fabrics & styles, my customers can design their own exercise apparel to express their personality.”